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Tonight's meditation and an epiphany.

Tonight's meditation and an epiphany.

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I’m not fully sure what I was shown tonight. But I am pretty sure what happened to me.

All day I’ve been thinking about how I needed to meditate. And suddenly I was hit by the thought that I also needed to purge myself of energy. It had been a long time since I did that.

So I went outside tonight and sat on the patio. It’s raining and the rain is cold. So I couldn’t go sit on the grass. I would’ve much rather have had the Earth beneath me instead of concrete.

I placed my hands upon the patio floor. Suddenly I felt as if there was something holding me in that position. And I pushed all of my energy out. Every last bit that I could get. I made sure that the negative energy was changed to harmless energy. Converted.

In my mind I saw the energy as gold sparkles. This is how I usually see newly manipulated energy. I sent the energy into the earth and then took a deep breath as I sat up. As I breathed in I felt the energy be pulled into me. The breath was long. And as I breathed out I pushed even more negative energy, the stuff sticking to my very core, and I purged it too. Manipulated it, and breathed it back in.

I then opened my eyes and stood up. The yard felt so different. I began to have visions. At one point I saw a woman screaming, this shadow behind her. I tried to turn my attention to her to help her but was pulled back by some force that told me not to go to her. They wouldn’t say why.

I reached out and felt the swirl of energy in the center of my yard. It looked like a nexus but upside down. The energy of the ley lines are in the Earth there instead of above it. That’s why I couldn’t see them before but C was always able to and would tell me about it many times.

I went and sat on a little wall and smoked a cigarette. I know. I know. I’m quitting.

I felt the presence of the God next to me. “You have to face this you know.”
I nodded and looked away. He felt like an old friend I had lost. I felt guilty for not communing with him and the Goddess in a long time. He told me that everything was going to be alright and that I needed to focus.

I had a vision of myself standing in the center of my yard. The ground opens up and I look down. I am on a platform that is moving into the Earth. A woman is with me. I don’t think she was the Goddess. I wanted to talk to her but felt pulled to the surface. I wasn’t sure if it was fear that pulled me or someone else.

I then called C and told her everything I experienced tonight. I stood there, freezing on the patio, and looked about my yard. I told her that I saw a wall of energy blocking things. I don’t know who put up that shield but it’s really strong. Stronger than the shields I can do anyway.

Everything in my yard was enhanced. I could see so much. Every little sound, even those from outside my property, was louder and more clear. It freaked me out a bit. But I think I’m OK.

I told C that I had a feeling that what I had intended to do would open me way up. I feel more open than I have in years. Possibly since childhood. And I saw so much! I could feel the Earth’s pain at what’s been done to her. I could feel the dreams my children were having. I could just be one with everything.

And I am one with everything. I am connected to the Divine in a way I hadn’t thought possible. I know what I must do. I have to help people reach this place. This is a turning point for me. No longer will I be shut off from the world. I don’t think I could put up blocks even if I wanted to.
I am of the Earth. Strange, I never felt that before. I’m not a Child of Earth. But I am of it. I am a part of it. I am a part of the Divine.

This really isn’t news to me. It’s something I’ve always known. But it now makes sense. Those of us who have abilities have so because we’re all meant to have them. We’re meant to see and understand that we are the All. It’s not just in us. We ARE it.

Wow. I am so full of energy right now. I can feel it like electricity on my arms.

Just plain old WOW.
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