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gatekeeperj's Journal

23 February 1978
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I started this journal originally to post about experiences as a gatekeeper. Mostly because I had been under attack for a year and was having trouble defending myself. I felt that if I made a journal that I could write in, stuff that I don't normally talk about and therefore didn't want in my main journal, then it might help to sort things out.

It did help and so I started writing about other metaphysical and spiritual goings on. Including visions I've been having lately and words spoken to me by the Divine Essence.

Now all of this may seem a little strange to you. I would just like to state for the record that I am not on drugs. I am not crazy. And I'm not alone in knowing the things I do.

However none of this really fits any particular religion. Even so I've found people who believe as I do. Most are otherkin (people who feel they are more than just human, usually in a spiritual sense). Though not every otherkin agrees with me.

Believe what you want. But keep an open mind as you read my journal entries. I'm not posting them to brag or anything like that. You don't know me and may never know me. I really don't care if you think I'm a cook or if you think I'm for real (though if you agree with me I would like to know). You're free to believe whatever lies in your heart.

Think what you will. But there is change comming and I personally want to be a part of it.