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Confusion abounds

Confusion abounds

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I just got back from the hospital. I'm so confused. I was sure my grandfather wouldn't live to see the weekend. Today when I looked at him he was very much alive. Bodily speaking anyway. Spiritually was another matter.

I don't know what's going on but what I saw wasn't what should be there. There was a spark there but it was withered...hard to really explain. It was as if what was there wasn't supposed to be there and was rotting inside of him.

He was very difficult to look at. I would only be able to look for a moment or so before I had to look away. What I saw wasn't natural.

Also, I realized that I didn't feel my grandmother there anymore. She hasn't been there since the day after the operation, when his body was still dying and his soul was standing with hers.

What do I do? I am totally out of my element. I can't tell my family what I see. They wouldn't accept it.

I have to ask around. Someone is bound to understand what's going on.
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